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What is the referral program ?

Star Citizen proposes, as you guessed it, a referral program that rewards both the referrer and the recruit. The principle is very simple: At the checkout (and ONLY at this precise moment), you will be able to enter a referral code.

These codes are accessible, as a member of the community, in the account control panel. Each member has a unique code.

Once you have paid for your purchase and created your account, you will also have the opportunity to refer a friend.

The referral system is designed in such a way that it benefits both parties. Win-win.

Start your journey on the right foot

Using a referral code at the purchase phase will allow you to benefit from a bonus of 5,000 UEC, available immediately.
The UEC are the in-game currency.

Starships, weapons, suits, resources, decorations,… All in-game purchases are made in UEC.

5,000 UEC is currently equivalent to $6. By using a referral code at the checkout, you can save a little money and boost your starting experience, by purchasing additional accessories for example.

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Are there any other currencies in-game? Will using a referral code also allow me to get them?

At the time of writing, Star Citizen is in alpha.

In this alpha, 3 currencies coexist together: UECs (United Earth Credits), aUECs (Alpha United Earth Credits) and RECs (Rental Equipment Credits).

The UECs are the currency at the heart of the entire Star Citizen economy. This virtual currency is intended to replace all the others, in the long term, to become the one and only currency available in-game. When you buy a pack, you will automatically receive a starting nest-egg (+ 5,000 UEC if you use a referral code). These UECs are definitively vested in you, and you will have this starting balance at launch.

The aUECs are the currency currently available in-game, i.e. for the entire alpha.
It is a temporary currency, which will disappear along with the alpha. It is only implemented for testing purposes.
The starting balance in aUEC is nothing but a copy of your UEC balance.
If you buy the least expensive pack right now, you will receive 1,000 UEC (+ 5,000 UEC with a referral code). You will therefore have 6,000 aUEC when you create your character.

The alpha is constantly updated, so resetting the universe is frequent. Your aUEC stock will be regularly resetted, but your starting stock will always remain the same.

Finally, the RECs are a somewhat different currency. It is no longer usable in the persistent universe, which was the case in the past. It is now only available in the Arena Commander module.
The RECs allow you to rent all the equipment available in the module. These credits are obtained simply by playing Arena Commander.

By now you understood than when you use a referral code, you receive a bonus of 5,000 UEC.
This bonus will be yours at the release, but you will also benefit from it during the development process, since your new balance, boosted by this bonus, will also reflect on your aUECs balance, which is basically a copy of your original UEC balance.

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What are the benefits of being a referrer?

After creating your account, you will be assigned a unique code. Each player has their own referral code, which they are then free to share.

When a potential recruit buys the game through your referral code, becoming a full-fledged player, you will gain a Recruitment Point (RP).

All sponsorship statistics are available on the site.

Here are the benefits, at the present time, related to the referral program:

Recruiter (1 RP)1Badger and Badges
A series of UEE Squadron Badges for you and a K&W CF-117 Badger repeater for your ship.
Private (3 RP)3Gimbals and Guns
Add fire power to your ship with two gimbal mounts and two K&W CF-007 Bulldog repeaters.
Corporal (5 RP)5Surf and Turf
Upgrade your hangar with a Greycat buggy and a stylish tank filled with exotic fish.
Sergeant (10 RP)10Gladius and Gold
Land your new Aegis Gladius next to this set of gold ship models celebrating some of the ’verse’s best: the Aurora, Constellation, Hornet, Avenger, & Freelancer.
Lieutenant (25 RP)25Arena Commander Racing Package
Feed your need for speed by permanently unlocking the 350R, M50, and Mustang Gamma in Arena Commander. Also includes 15,000 UEC.
Captain (42 RP)42Arena Commander Combat Package
Find your favorite fighter with permanent access to the Cutlass Black, Hornet, Avenger, & Aurora LN in Arena Commander. Also includes 30,000 UEC.
Major (75 RP)75Speed Racer
Get your heart– and your ship– racing with the cutting edge power of the Misc Razor.
Lt. Colonel (100 RP)100Dog Fighter
Maneuver in and out of combat with the Vanduul armada’s lightest fighter: the Blade.
Colonel (200 RP)200Ready For Battle
Soar into battle with the ship reserved for the Vanduul elite: the Glaive. Warning: This ship is for experienced combat pilots.
Brigadier General (500 RP)500Anvil Ship Package
Pair the defensive strength of the Anvil Terrapin with the aggressive punch of the Hurricane in this two-ship reward.
Major General (1042 RP)1042Million Mile High Club Access
Party at the trendiest club in the ‘verse. The Million Mile High Club is an exclusive, in-game facility for the most dedicated Star Citizen fans.
Lt. General (2017 RP)2017Star Crossing
Voyage across the ‘verse in commanding fashion with the Aegis Javelin, one of the UEE Navy’s premier warships.

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Where to find my own referral code ?

Simply log into your account and go to this address:
Every codes start with “STAR-“.

How to use a referral code ?

It’s really simple : At the checkout phase, just enter your referral in the appropriate section, at the bottom right corner (entitled “Referral”).
Here’s a referral code if you don’t have one : STAR-KCL2-DGMM

Star Citizen Referral Code

How much does Star Citizen cost?

The least expansive pack cost $45 at the time of writing. It’s subject to change as the game get closer to the release.

Does Star Citizen require a monthly subscription?

No, Star Citizen doesn’t require monthly fees. You pay it once and can play it forever.

Will Star Citizen be available on consoles (PS4,Xbox One, Switch, Next Gen, etc…) ?

No, the game has been designed for PCs only. The consoles were excluded from the project from the outset.
There is therefore no chance that Star Citizen will be ported to consoles.

In which languages will Star Citizen be translated?

At release, Star Citizen will also be localized into French, German and Spanish. More languages will be implemented afterwards, but RSI has not yet specified which ones.

What are the minimum requirements to run Star Citizen?

As the development progress, so does the requirements.
Here’s a link to the updated system requirements :

Where to buy Star Citizen ?

Simply follow this link :